Pager Logging with a MAC

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Pager Logging with a MAC

Post by UncleBuck62 » Mon Sep 23, 2019 12:18 pm

Just letting you all know that I have been writing a pager logger for the MAC.
Please note that I am not a developer and as such this has been a massive learning curve for me, so I expect there to be several bugs in it.
It is "very" loosely based on PDW with one major exception... You need to have a pager such as a PDR3000 (or similar) that outputs decoded pages as strings through the serial port.

The set up that I am using for the development is as follows:
A PDR3000 with two ports connected to the Mac via USB-Serial converters.
One port is for receiving the decoded page and the other is just so I can use windows via a Virtualbox for the windows based decoder programmer that comes with the PDR3000.
The program is being written in Python 3.x and is NOT GUI based (yet).

The way I have it working is that it reads the string from the serial port and runs it through filters (just like PDW) and spits the result out on one of 4 terminal sessions.
I currently have the terminal sessions set for Filtered, Monitored, Other and Debug.
The debug window is really just a session to show the warnings and errors etc. whilst I am developing the program.
I have been testing it for some time now and have it running with the 1600 odd capcodes and text filters I have for the CFA, CG, SES and RAV.

Things I have implemented so far that are like PDW:
Filter sounds, capcode sounds and capcode with matching text sounds.
Logging pages to (up to four) separate files.
Selectable colours for all fields and labels on screen.
Text match highlighting in the output on screen.
Emails for filter matches.

If there is anyone out there with similar equipment and would like to give it a try, please let me know as I would love some feedback.

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Re: Pager Logging with a MAC

Post by jkl090 » Sun Oct 13, 2019 4:56 pm

Nice work. Just wondering how much the PDR3000 costed?

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