Taking long to read DATA from radio

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Taking long to read DATA from radio

Post by vk2faho » Tue Sep 25, 2018 3:49 pm

Hey guys

I bought myself a simoco 9000 UW off Facebook in my general area for $60... not sure what band that is in mhz and I'm trying to use the simoco 9000 &9010 software so I can re program it.

But I noticed it's telling me this in the prompt box trying to I'd radio and that task is taking ages to do as the % bar is staying at 0

And I close the program down and re open it and it says reading radio in prompt box and says getting fantasize and that % bar is not moving from 0%

The Mic is a srm9022
Christopher Lampe ( VK2FAHO)

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Re: Taking long to read DATA from radio

Post by VK3RX » Tue Sep 25, 2018 7:38 pm

Further to my PM, and your latest Q.

Some googling turned up this U.K. site with lots of info:


You might also search the "Communication Devices" sub-forum at the Austech site:


A warning: if you decide to join Austech, make sure you thoroughly search the forum before posting any questions. Some there don't take kindly to people signing up and asking Qs when usually answers there can be found by searching past posts. That said, if you have done a thorough search there and still can't find a solution, say so in your post.

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