Please Help :-)

Communications scanning & radio related discussion for Western Australia, covering Perth, Esperance, Wheatbelt, Kimberley, Peel etc
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Please Help :-)

Post by FUGS »

Please help, I live in Dudley Park, (Mandurah Western Australia), what are some interesting frequencies I should put my ear to? "Thank you in advance"!

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Re: Please Help :-)

Post by VK3RX »

Depends what you are interested in, and whether your scanner is capable of just analogue or digital modes as well.

I guess you have looked in the W.A. section here and "Frequency lists" area?

Police are probably encrypted, which may also be the case with the firies and ambos.

I don't know where you are in relation to Perth, Pearce or Jandakot airports, but their frequency sets can be found here:
  • go here:
  • acknowledge the copyright by clicking on the button down the bottom;
  • click on "En Route Supplement Australia"
  • scroll down to the Jandakot, Perth or Pearce entries, and click on "FAC"
  • frequencies you will find in the "Air Traffic Services" section (receive mode is AM).
Another option a bit more complicated is here:
  • go here:
  • enter your location e.g. Mandurah in the "From location/site" field;
  • enter a radius e.g. 20km;
  • enter a low and high frequency range e.g. 160 MHz to 170 MHz;
  • ignore the authorisation dates, and hit "Submit".
The "Emission designator" field indicates the transmission mode. 10K1F3E is analogue FM, 7K60FXE is data. Info on what the emission designators mean can be found here:

You can expand the radius or pick a high site over there that you are in range of and see what frequencies are used there. Many will be part of trunked networks, which may or may not be in a digital mode. Anything that comes up with Telstra as the client is probably part of a trunked network. Some of the frequencies will be control channels (data) and others part of the voice network in analogue or digital.

Hope this is helps - should keep you busy for a while :)

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