New Chum To Scanning

A place for all new members to the forum to introduce themselves, tell us a little about you, your radio experiences, and anything else relevant
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New Chum To Scanning

Post by OzBassman » Sun Jan 15, 2017 2:32 pm

G'day to the Group.

My family and I live in Emerald, Victoria in the Dandenongs (Bushfire Central, my wife calls it). We also have a spot in a caravan park at Inverloch, Victoria, by the coast. We travel and holiday between these places on a regular basis. I also belong to a military motorcycle club that rides and stays at locations around Victoria. Every other year we travel interstate.

I am not new to radio. Though my next purchase of a scanner will be my first. I have had limited success with using my amateur hand held and mobile radios as scanners. I prefer to leave my amateur radios for amateur use. Could somebody please inform me what there is out there to listen too and which scanner/receiver would suit my purposes? I may also consider a scanner for the car, home and caravan at a later date. I am not flush with money. Though for the right radio, one purchase at a time should not be too large an obstacle.

Current interests are D-Star, FM amateur repeaters and a little SWL. Occasionally I can be found on amateur HF nets. I do not talk much these days and mainly listen. It is just where my head is at, at the moment.

After I left the RAAF in 1991, I have been head down, bum up doing endless hours of shift work. Electronics was not a hobby at the time as it was my vocation. Socialising with like minded people was not on my radar. Earning dollars and providing for the family was the main objective. Now that I am 54 and the children are young adults and have their own interests. Dad (me) wishes to rejuvenate mine.

I have no understanding about Trunking and digital modes outside of D-Star and see this is an area I would appreciate more, once I learned more. I would also be interested in what others listen too and what would make the right purchase for me. I suppose a few areas that stand out would be Victorian CFA, SES frequencies and maritime when we are at Inverloch by the coast. Possibly power authorities during power failures. A not too uncommon occurrence living in the Dandenongs. I would also believe that a portable radio for the first purchase would be of benefit as well. I am sure there is more out there than these to listen too. Though I do not know where to start.

Also, are there any forums that are a must join/subscribe too?

Thank you for plodding through this post and reading thus far.

Warm regards, Paul VK3ZT

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Re: New Chum To Scanning

Post by Phantom » Sun Jan 15, 2017 8:13 pm

Welcome to the forum!
Thanks for sharing such a great intro to the group!

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