Multi-Purpose Radio Scanning Kit - August 2020

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Multi-Purpose Radio Scanning Kit - August 2020

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With my recent change employment, I am now spending more time in a static locaton. I am also now driving a different vehicle, this is much more suited to radio scanning.

I wanted a way to both keep all my radio related items together (wife approval factor) plus be able to easily take both my "full kit" and also my 'daily carry", this setup covers both needs.

The smaller case fits my UBCD396XT, ear phones, AC charger and aerial. The larger case holds the smaller case plus my other radios, cables, adaptors and chargers.

Overall this setup works very well for me, I can easily grab my "daily carry" kit but also my full kit if needed for more serious sessions. It also keeps all my bits and pieces together.

Photos: ... ugust.html
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