VKR Radio procedures

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VKR Radio procedures

Post by erikn »

Anyone got a complete list of VKR radio procedures anywhere? I've been having a listen to the Springwood repeater on an internet feed all day - and so far I've managed to figure out what the following means:
'Job details when ready' - a job is outstanding against the unit
'Mark us/show us off at' - out of vehicle for investigation
'show us/mark us back on' back in vehicle and available
Those are the only procedures I've managed to understand so far- I'm sure there are others used from time to time.
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Re: VKR Radio procedures

Post by Comint »

erikn wrote:'Job details when ready' - a job is outstanding against the unit
'Job details when ready' - Means that VKR is asking the crew if they are ready to receive the details for their next job - in other words, have their "pen and paper" ready to write down the information.

When the crew acknowledges that they are ready to receive the information, then VKR will give them the details of the job.


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Re: VKR Radio procedures

Post by rapps_101 »

I don't believe there is a set list of all the procedural stuff actually written anywhere
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Re: VKR Radio procedures

Post by sneakers11 »

let me know what else you would like to know...within reason.

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Re: VKR Radio procedures

Post by Spectre »

All Police Patrol jobs are prioritized & logged, noting arrival and departure times (various terminology used), this is done for a multitude of reasons including proof of attendance, statistical reasons, response times as well as quality assurance.

"Your last" refers to the last job assigned by Comm's to the unit (saves repeating the entire job details).

Another Aussie Scanners discussion on VKR radio procedure you may find interesting can be seen HERE :wink:
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