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Policelink will be up and operational shortly (2010 March).

This will enable there to be more time for crews to attend more urgent jobs e.g. Disturbances, instead of attending inicdents that have already occurred and that they cannot really do anything about unless there is sufficient evidence of who commited the crime.

There looking for people to work there, known as PAC operators at the moment however I think there is a name change to Service Client Officer as they will be doing the same things as what a Station Service Client Officer does except over a phone.

Policelink will take a lot of communication centres as well, as it will allow comms to focus soley on 000s and radio operations....Although some idiots will still call 000 for low priority jobs.

Anyone seeking employment with QPS should consider employment with Policelink as it will allow you to have an insight into the computer system "QPRIME" you would not only deal with calls from the community but police officers, who call up and you assist them with putting on there QPRIME reports which isnt as easy as it sounds QPRIME is a coded program.

Refer to http://www.police.qld.gov.au/Resources/ ... _FINAL.pdf there for further information.

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Re: PoliceLink

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looks good i will be putting this flyer out at work and see how many ambo disaptcher do it haah

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Re: PoliceLink

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Where is this policelink communications centre ? did they just move them into Brisbane comms ?
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