Tara 2020 Interconnect

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Tara 2020 Interconnect

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G'day all,

Just chasing a bit of help with getting a Tara 2020 radio telephone interconnect up and running. I currently own a private, licensed VHF repeater which is a great asset in the event of us losing our Telstra coverage in Mildura (it has happened before when the exchange lost power) I have organised a VoIP telephone service (And yes, I know that if the exchange drops offline we will lose this, but it's not just for comms in emergencies) and we plan to connect the interconnect to that. I'm just having trouble getting the interconnect to activate the PTT on my radio. The repeater doesn't have any accessory inputs/outputs, so I am using a Motorola GM339 and it will interface just as a mobile radio does, I will just have it plugged into a dummy load. Anyway, I'm having trouble getting the PTT output and the COS or CD input to work. When I make a call on the keypad and answer it with my mobile phone, the call works fine, but when I talk into my phone, the TX indicator comes up on the display of the Tara, but the state of the TX output doesn't change. Do I need to somehow enable the interconnect between the ongoing call and set it up to go to the radio side of the tara? Any help is much appreciated, as the manual doesn't go into much detail and is quite hard to understand, and the binary keypad programming isn't the easiest. Please don't comment saying that I should just use my mobile phone to talk to people, this will be used to contact emergency services in an area that doesn't have the most reliable phone service, plus who doesnt enjoy using a radio to dial up people's phones?

Cheers all
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