ZCG SM39 as FM/DAB+ antenna

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Big Damo
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ZCG SM39 as FM/DAB+ antenna

Post by Big Damo » Wed Mar 20, 2013 8:40 pm

Hello, sorry if this is the wrong forum to ask in, my question is related to FM/DAB+ radio rather than scanning, but I figured the people here are all radio tech savvy :)

I'm doing a project car, and I've decided to ditch the factory AM/FM antenna and head unit, for a FM/DAB+ head unit, and I want to replace the factory up/down electric aerial before it fails.

I'm looking at using a ZCG SM39:

http://www.zcg.com.au/Catalogue/04a-SM3 ... g_whip.pdf

It says it covers 40MHz to 950MHz, which would cover FM and DAB+, convenient!

The only problem is that these new DAB+ head units have a separate aerial port for DAB+, and one for AM/FM.

Is it possible to get a "double adaptor" type connector so I can run just the one aerial to both ports of the head unit?

Or do I just buy two of them and have two aerials, one on each front quarter panel?

I'm also after a UHF aerial as well, have to be boot mounted I think:


I like the look of this one :)

Any suggestions?

Thanks much.

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Re: ZCG SM39 as FM/DAB+ antenna

Post by oldicom » Sat Dec 14, 2013 11:40 pm

GDAY DAB is around 200Mhz In Melborne its multiplexed on TV Channel 9s frequency, I am not sure if its vertical or Horizontal polarisation Prob Vert Thats why theres a seperate port as it it is 100Mhz away If you are not tech savvy, just buy a seperate antenna for dab , if you are just cut a quarter wave or something similar and mount it If you near the TV transmitters 50Km Bazinga It will work a note too broad banded antennas can be a compromise. even some of the best manufacturers get it wrong

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Re: ZCG SM39 as FM/DAB+ antenna

Post by Comint » Sun Dec 15, 2013 12:55 am

The attached PDF, courtesy of ACMA, shows all the DAB Frequencies for Australia.
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