Future of the radio scanning hobby, and encryption

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Future of the radio scanning hobby, and encryption

Post by comport1 »

I just had to share this for something different and giggle.

Gives such a technical aspect in "the future of the radio scanning hobby, and encryption"

This bloke is in America i assume, and i just cannot take him seriously... :lol: :lol: but at least he tried!

Youtube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9-WlsXpg6g

Like i said, only for a laugh or what the moment?? ;)

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Re: Future of the radio scanning hobby, and encryption

Post by blacktown »

I think his demeanour probably put you off his message. He is smarter than he appears

He had three messages

1) Public Service communications (ie emergency services) is largely run now by the IT industry. Even without the existence of scanners there would have been a progression to privacy of data and encryption because there always have been the big push in IT for this (due to the criminal element)

2) Technology is always progressing. Over the years communications has progressed from HF and VHF to UHF and now to 700/800/900Mhz. He gives examples in the progression of public (emergency) service radios and also in the types of radio scanners available

3) The way of the future for public service radios (and he assumes that that is what the hobbist is largely listening to) is the coming LTE evolution radios where comms is in a fully closed loop of digital packets. The only thing left to listen to in the long term is those companies and industries that don't convert over to LTE
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Re: Future of the radio scanning hobby, and encryption

Post by grewar »

Just reflecting on changes in scanning.
I had an sds100 almost total silence except for the fire and ambos.
Nothing left to scan, even the taxis are digital encrypted......except ambos. I get full ambo signal for most of the western side of Vic and the tower here is only a couple of hundred metres away.
All this on my little old analogue scanner
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