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Tait T2040 non affiliate trunked scanning

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Tait T2040 non affiliate trunked scanning

Postby rothackerben8 » Tue Jul 31, 2018 1:01 pm

G'day everyone,

I have acquired a Tait T2040 VHF radio, thinking it was a T2020, which I was going to use for amateur repeaters, etc. But it only has 10 conventional channels from what I understand. Is it possible to have it scan my local MPT1327 trunking network? (Vic SMR). I understand that there is a thing called non affiliate trunked scanning, which I have seen demonstrated on Motorola radios, but is it possible to do this with a Tait unit? I am going to need the programming software for it (I am aware that it is a DOS program), so if anyone has any links to the software, that would be great. Thanks guys. VK3FXBR
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