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IC-41W 12 volt adaptor

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IC-41W 12 volt adaptor

Postby D1cko » Fri May 25, 2018 7:19 pm

G'day guys, I have an IC-41W that I plan on mounting on my motorcycle for when I go camping with the lads, or trail riding.
The plan is to use a Sena SR10 bluetooth module to link it to a sena in my helmet. It'd be a perfect setup except I'm damned if I can find a way to supply power while on the bike. The only 12 volt solution I can find is a cigaret lighter plug into the back of the desk top charger cradle.
So I'm hoping someone amongst this great group of people would know of something better. I was thinking some sort of battery pack replacement that could reduce the 12 volt power on the bike to 7.4 volts that had a simple power connector.
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