When is "reconditioning" complete?

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When is "reconditioning" complete?

Post by Williamhawk » Wed Sep 20, 2017 8:07 pm

Hi all,

just getting ready to put all our shiny new APX portables into service. I wanted to "initialize" all the batteries (NNTN8930A) prior to distribution to make sure none were bad.

Had a couple weird situations. Maybe something I just never noticed with the XTS batteries, but I don't think I've seen this behavior before. All batteries when first inserted went "yellow" as expected to recondition ("Calibrating" as the digital display calls it). Had a couple situations where I needed to stop the process before the display was green (needed to move the truck that one bank charger was mounted in; needed to pop out the inserts and put the 'ol XTS radios back on since I needed to leave).

In both situations, I waited until the "yellow" stage was complete and we were into the "red" stage (charging). Figured I could then just pop the batteries back in/plug the shoreline back in and they would show "red" again and complete charging until finally green. BUT- that's not what happened!! In both circumstances the batteries showed "yellow" and commenced discharging to recondition again. Yeah, I know I could've probably "double-tapped" them to get to red, but I wanted the validation of a complete yellow-red-green sequence (and also to get the "recondition" timestamp on the battery, although I'm not sure that I really know if that's what happens). Going back down do discharge and then to full green was a LONG process here- like 10 hours. (and then someone else unknowingly moved the apparatus to start the cycle all over again- AHHHH!).

SO, my questions are: When does "reconditioning" complete and the battery mark its timestamp- does it have to "go green" first? And- is this behavior different in the APX batteries or was it inherent in the XTS batteries also and I just never noticed it?


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