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Tait T2010 & T2020

Post by RadioKid » Mon Jul 24, 2017 8:02 pm

Gday all,
The weekend just passed, I was at ARNSW doing my Foundation License course (we all passed)
I was rooting through their "junk" pile, when I came across a box of about 20 Tait T2020s (66-88MHz) and a T2010 (UHF)
I believe they were the old police 78MHz radios. One even had a NSWPF service sticker on it.

Anyways, I took 3 T2020s and the T2010. I hooked up the T2010, turns out it had one channel programmed into it; 477.300 (UHF CB 36).
The T2020s on the other hand, Im having a problem with. The control head/mic were missing. So I dont know what channels are programmed into them. I tried interchanging the T2010 head with it, but its a different connection.

Can anyone shed some light on this for me please. Will I need to buy a control head or can I somehow fit the T2010s head on it?

Thanks in advance,
Mathew, VK2FBKR (soon to be)
Uniden UBC126AT, Baofeng GT3

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