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Unconscious male Waterford West

If somethings going down in your area, any details such as when, where, what and any other important information you may be aware of

Unconscious male Waterford West

Postby erikn » Sun Jun 07, 2015 8:44 pm

Heard on 469.425
2032 - VKR gets word from Polair (not sure whether Polair 1 or 2) that there's a male lying down from * to ** Bourke St Waterford West
Tried to send 761 along but they were busy locking up some kids so they've sent 872 in and ambos are being called
2034 - 573 is also proceeding
stolen vehicle spotted by Polair at about 2035 with a fair bit of heat coming from it
2037 - 872 off job
2038 - male is UIL and just woke up
2039 - 573 off job

EDIT: Removed street numbers.
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