Hey! Newer Members - Please Read

A place for all new members to the forum to introduce themselves, tell us a little about you, your radio experiences, and anything else relevant
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Re: Hey! Newer Members - Please Read

Post by vk4jaz »

Hi, I am a new member to this group and have noticed that many members seem to have so many radios. Why? I am curious as I too have a few transceivers, all for different purposes but I have noticed I could get rid of a few and not feel any loss of capability. In scanning, is it simply a case of needing more radios due to the growing number of modes, or is it just a case of the more the better? I still have to get my first scanner and am procrastinating ...
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Re: Hey! Newer Members - Please Read

Post by VK3RX »

When we moved here quite some time back that summer there was a large bushfire about 20km NW - with a NW wind.

I had a Uniden 760XLT, and it scanned the police, CFA dispatch, fireground, command and air bombing channels in addition to other stuff. Even with non-essential stuff locked out I found I kept missing key comms as it stopped on less important transmissions, so after that incident and further fires happened I bought additional scanners and dedicated each to specific services.

I now have 4 fixed units to a discone that run whenever I am in the study, a handheld to carry around when needed, and a couple of near mint Realistic PRO units that scan various airband channels when the mood takes me :)
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Back and looking for NSW RFS pager feeds

Post by alan22 »

I'm back after an absence.
Can't find my old NSW RFS pager feeds.
Are there any now?
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