Daily Carry Radio Scanner Case - August 2022

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Daily Carry Radio Scanner Case - August 2022

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As my radio collection has increased, I have needed to find a suitable way to carry my radios while still providing them with a good level of protection. As I am also taking my "daily carry" kit with me more, I was struggling to keep all of this together and to easily access each radio as needed.

I have recently upgraded my radio kit, selling all my radio gear (both VHF/UHF and also my mediumwave DXing kit) and replacing this with a pair of Icom R3 and R6 wideband receivers. While waiting for these to arrive, I spent many hours tracking down the "perfect" case, my goals being to have a case which was large enough to hold both radios, chargers, batteries and other bits and pieces but also not so large that I would not carry it with me often. Big enough but not too big.

My search turned to eBay and after looking at a few options, I settled on this case which cost $30. The biggest factor which made me decide to go with this case was the length, which I need as I wanted to store my radios with the aerials on but also not so large that it would be a pain to carry it.

Over the past week this, my radios and an Icom sticker arrived, this I added as I felt it added to the case.

Overall, I am very pleased with how well this case has come out, I am able to carry and store multiple radios, chargers, spare batteries and ear phones, everything I need for portable radio scanning sessions. It is also small enough to fit in my backpack. For $30 it provides a great level of protection.

While this case was designed for my radio scanning / logging needs, the same ideas could be used for amateur radio, radio scanning or any other radio storage need.

Photos: https://launcestonradiodetective.blogsp ... ugust.html
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Re: Daily Carry Radio Scanner Case - August 2022

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What is the Brand and Part Number of the Case?

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