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Link us to your favorite websites, they don't just have to be radio related however they must be legal (games, news, radios, hobbies are ok)
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Help support us on facebook

Post by rochedalescan »

As some of you may be aware I went into business in late 2014, unfortunately this meant less time for radio and a whole heap of time dedicated to being self employed. Business is good and Phil is doing a great job here on the site taking over the reigns.

I would like to ask if anyone would like to support myself and my business you can do so by liking my fan-page on facebook the link to the page is while you are there if you are not a fan already you could also check out / like the Aussiescanners Facebook page it's not as active as the forums but a great way of showing your support and helping us get the name out there!

Thank you all for your continued support with the forums I am still on the site and read the post just not as active on the posting side anymore due to the GWN taking most of what I used to listen to..

Thanks Shane
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Re: Help support us on facebook

Post by dags19 »

yep same here the gwn has really made this site quiet compared to what it used to be,i am getting involved with the dmr side of things now,plenty to learn about that for sure
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Re: Help support us on facebook

Post by germanshepherd »

lots to learn about dmr also here.I have never used that facebook site and never will but i WILL support this forum,oh yes
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