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Replacement Antenna

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Replacement Antenna

Postby VK3YMML » Mon Aug 07, 2017 2:59 pm

Hi all

I have 3 antenna's that I am needing to replace, also looking for high gain options and would like some suggestion

All radios have BNC connections except for the Uniden UBC57XLT (male) and UBCD396T (Female) which have screw in antenna connections

I have been looking at the Nagoya antenna however open to other options
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Re: Replacement Antenna

Postby X-Firey » Wed Aug 09, 2017 3:01 pm

As far as replacement antennas go for scanners I tend to select one to suit the frequencies I am monitoring i.e. VHF or UHF. As general replacement for the stock scanner antennas I use dual band antennas 144/430 Mhz with good results all round.

As for a brand I have two Nagoya antennas. They seem to be well made as I haven't destroyed one yet. I purchased them on eBay. Whether they are genuine Nagoya antennas I don't know, but they work well. I have purchased various handheld antennas for my scanners off eBay and have had no issues, in fact some results have been surprising.

Most antennas are manufactured with either BNC or SMA connectors these days so getting one to suit your scanners shouldn't be an issue. If you have to use an adaptor it won't result in much if any signal loss.
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