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Post by AIRMAN » Fri Nov 09, 2012 2:16 pm

This is available at Andrews Communications:

$299.00 AUD
In stock!
Free mailing Australia-wide and
bonus digital table-top clock!

Learn More
The new DJ-X7E has AMAZING audio quality and provides many scanning receiver capabilities in a thin, credit card sized scanning receiver!

Super wideband receive high performance 100KHz to 1300MHz scanning receiver
Illuminated LCD display
Triple conversion receive in AM and NFM modes, double in FMW
1,000 channel memory, CTCSS
Independent mode selection
5 operating modes, e.g. VFO.
Internal ferrite bar antenna for improved MW and SW receive
20dB attenuation selectable
Outstanding AM/FM BC receive
Computer connection and cable cloning via optional ERW-4C
Includes EBP-58N 3.7V @ 600mA/h Li-Ion battery and AC charger
Export continuous coverage "E" model (not the cellular-blocked USA "T" version)

Has anyone on this forum got one of these? I need some opinions before preventing a third faux pas like I did with the Uniden I just got!

The first mistake was selling my Icom R20. The second was buying this crap from Uniden (EX130XLT)

Is it worth $299?
How well does it receive, particularly on Airband?

Can anyone here recommend a sub-$300 HH scanner of any brand other than Uniden?

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Post by sylkwood » Thu Nov 15, 2012 5:04 pm

Uniden do make some good scanners but you get what you pay for. The $110 no frills budget model is just that.

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