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Radio Scanning Go Case - MK5

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Radio Scanning Go Case - MK5

Postby tanger32au » Thu Nov 09, 2017 8:39 am

Over the years, while involved in the radio scanning / amateur radio / ultralight DXing hobbies, I have used a number of different bags and cases for carrying my radios and associated bits and pieces. Some of these bags and cases have worked very well, others have not for various reasons.

Based on my experience in the past, I decided to move away from a soft bag like I have used recently and started looking around for a hard case. This needed to be big enough to hold my UBCD436PT scanner, aerials, chargers, cords, ear phones and spare batteries plus my UBC73XLT, note book and other bits and pieces. I was still planning on using my stealth scanner bag, this was more for use and storage at home or when I am out and about undertaking serious monitoring sessions. It would also be used when I have my scanners set up in my car while I am out driving about for work, using the recorder feature for later review.

Recently I was at our local Kmart store, they had put a heap of "back to school" items on clearance, including an $8 lunch box, down to $1, for that price I grabbed one as I liked the size of this and the only thing lacking was a way to keep my radio protected. I had an idea of a way to do this. On my home I called past Bunnings and grabbed some foam wrap, red cloth tape and a small piece of metal I could use as a divider.

A few nights later I spent some time in the shed setting this up. The first step was to cut the foam sheeting to go around the metal divider I then used some double sided tape to mount the foam to the case and then wrapped it in the red cloth tape. I then bent the ends of the divider and bolted this to each end of the case. Next I added some bubble wrap to the lid of the case to protect my equipment. I then bolted this case to the bottom of my super cheap auto hard carry case. This provides a good solid base for this project.

I then took my previous scanner stand and mounted this to the bottom of my super cheap auto case using two small bolts. This stand is at the perfect angle for viewing and use of the UBCD436PT. Finally I added some bubble wrap to the lid of the super cheap auto case to provide some protection.

With all this finished I now have a good solid case I can take anywhere. For carrying my equipment I can put the UBCD436PT in the lunch box case for better protection if required or leave it on the stand for use or if it is only being transported a short distance, meeting both my design goals. At home I can set this up for unattended logging and easily grab it if required, being totally self contained.

Photos: http://thegeekyradioenthusiast.blogspot ... -2017.html
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Re: Radio Scanning Go Case - MK5

Postby Blake » Thu Nov 09, 2017 8:15 pm

This one I like very much.
I reckon it's your best yet.
Good job.

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