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Postby scannerman » Fri Aug 04, 2017 3:20 pm

Hi does anyone know the lancefield cfa cap code? here are the cap codes i know that may help some people

0570408 [TWOL]
0570232 nullavale
0570136 [GRUA]
0570312 broadford [BRFD]
0570376 tallarook [TALA]

0571944 wallan
0570360 seymour
0570264 tooborak [TOOB]
0570168 kilmore
0570344 hildene [HILD]
0570328 clombiane [CLON]
0570456 [WCTM]

0571864 cragiburn
0571912 kalkallo

if anyone has some more to add that would be great thx

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