Gowrie Little Plains RFB INFO ONLY

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Gowrie Little Plains RFB INFO ONLY

Post by 312alpha » Sun Dec 30, 2012 10:02 am

I wanted to share a bit about my local RFB.

The Gowrie Little Plains RFB Operates 4 appliances (41,51,52,53) and 1 slip-on-unit.

They have 3 fire sheds(Meringandan, Kingsthorpe and Gowrie Junction) and 1 appliance at a property in Boodua.

They average 1 call out per fortnight (Mostly permit burns on weekends).

The brigade is part of the Rosalie Jondaryan RFB Group.

They have 5 units and 24 firemen.

They (we) are in the South-Western region in area 1 (Toowoomba) and report to the Toowoomba area office (WR12?).

They train every Saturday afternoon and every second Wednesday night.

That's about all that I can provide.

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