QFRS Job Codes

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QFRS Job Codes

Post by rochedalescan » Mon Oct 20, 2008 1:32 am

Code 1 Arrived at scene - nothing in evidence, investigating further.

Optional: the address of the incident

Code 2 Arrived at scene - incident in evidence

Provide brief descriptor on arrival cg. Location and comments

to confirm nature of the incident

* Code 2 Bruce Hwy, 3 car MVA

* Code 2, 12 Aberdeen Ave, House Fire

Examples for standard incident types:

* Grass Fire / size / action / resources required / time

* Structure Fire / action / resources required

* Vehicle Fire / what is involved / action / resources required

* MVA / number of vehicles / action / resources required

Other incident types:

* Hazmat: Code 2 / type / size / action / resources required

* Rescue: Code 2 / type / action / resources required

Code 4 Leaving an incident, brief description, available for turnout, returning to station.

Note: An appliance leaving the incident with another appliance

remaining on scene is also to use this code to indicate that it is

returning to station and is available for turnout. (The remaining

appliance will still be investigating the incident).

Code 5 Returned to Home Station.

Note: If returning to standby station "Returned to standby station 31

Code 6 Incident (refers to any type of incident) is a malicious false alarm.

Area has been checked, no signs of fire or reported incident, notify police

(if required), returning to station, available for turnout.

Code 7 Returning to station. Unit is NOT available for turnout.

(Give reason for unavailability).

Code 8 Arrived at incident, checking with QFRS Officer-in-Charge.

Code 9 A casualty has been located.

If there is more than one casualty add a number.

Code 9, 2 Alpha (2 casualties)

If there are any deceased persons add letter C

Unless advised by the "C", all casualties are presumed alive,

however, if necessary the letter A (alive) may be added to ensure understanding.

Code 9, Charlie (one deceased)

Code 9, 1 Alpha 1 Charlie (1 alive and 1 deceased)

Code 9, 2 Alpha 3 Charlie (2 alive and 3 deceased)

Note: If Police and/or Ambulance have not arrived at the incident,

Firecom will advise Police and Ambulance Operations of the number

and type of casualties.

Code 11 Justifiable False Alarm. Returning to Station. Available for turnout.

This includes all justifiable calls.

Code 12 Avoidable false alarms. Returning to Station. Available for turnout.

(Charging for these incidents needs to be incorporated.)

Code 20 High-rise procedure in use.

Note: Only to be used by mobile units, message should include why

it is being initiated. For example:

* Investigation;

* Life rescue; or

* Fire fighting purposes, and what action is being taken

Code 30 Mobile unit identified is to proceed (or is proceeding) to the incident

at normal road speed, without lights or siren.

Code40 Mobile unit to whom this message is directed is not required at the incident.

The mobile unit is then changed to "Left Incident" (Ll) status on FireCAD,

is removed from the incident at Firecom, and assumed to

be available for turnout.

Code 99 A major or critical incident is occurring.

It indicates first attending crews may be initially overwhelmed by

immediate operational requirements such as life rescue or evacuation,

or where the dynamics, size or complexity of the incident are of an unusual scale.

The code indicates that significant resources will be required to

investigate the situation (i.e. CBR incident, building collapse,

commercial plane crash, major high-rise fire)

Code Red Procedure or RED RED RED

Code Red procedure is used during heavy radio traffic to allow the transmission of

messages which are considered to be life critical in nature.

'Red, Red, Red' is an interruption device and indicated that a mobile unit or the

Firecom Centre has a critical message and requires clear access to the network.

All other units are to cease transmitting.

'Code Red' is initiated by the Firecom Centre and is an instruction to all mobile units

to maintain radio silence until the code red procedure is lifted.
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Re: QFRS Job Codes

Post by QldFirey » Tue Feb 24, 2009 9:08 pm

Further to your Code 9 Calls, firefighters are required to state whether male or female, so the call is

Firecom 32 Alpha, Code 9 1 Mike Alpha 1 Foxtrot Alpha.

That would obviously be for one male and one female, both alive.
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Re: QFRS Job Codes

Post by Stretch » Tue Feb 24, 2009 11:07 pm

Never good when you heard 1 (or more) foxtrot/mike charlie :(
Mitch Rogers

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