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Antenna Identification

PostPosted: Sun Dec 03, 2017 8:13 am
Hi all

I recently inherited some radio equipment including a large array of antennas, some are whip, also now have a 5/6 element beam antenna for an amateur radio (radio not included)

Is there a way based on the length of the antenna I can find out what freq it would cover. One has been labeled 27mhz, however, the others have no identifying marks

Thanks in advance

Re: Antenna Identification

PostPosted: Sun Dec 03, 2017 12:58 pm
by VK3RX
Some pix might assist.

Helically wound types with heatshrink covering can be a bit difficult to identify, but someone may recognise a model. They can be for anywhere over the HF range, and typically the longer ones for lower frequencies, shorter ones for higher e.g. 5 feet or less usually for 27/28MHz.

Other than recognising a model, the only sure way to determine the frequency would be to connect an antenna to a mount (e.g. on a vehicle) or ground plane and use an antenna analyser.

For stainless steel whips, with no base loading coil try this:

Example: for 146MHz in the 2 Metre amateur band, the length of a quarter wave whip is 19"

If a whip has a base loading coil, again an antenna analyser would be the only sure way to find out the frequency range.