Complete UHF Pager/Mobitex Decoding Kit (PDW)

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Complete UHF Pager/Mobitex Decoding Kit (PDW)

Post by dudies69 » Thu Jul 12, 2018 11:18 am

For sale is one complete set of equipment for UHF Pager decoding. Included in this sale is:

- 1 x JT1000 UHF Radio with a discriminator tap
- 1 x Edgeport, 2 port USB to Serial adapter
- 1 x PDW RS-232 Interface from (
- 1 x 12 VDC power supply and splitter cable to power the radio/interface
- 1 x RS232 Cable (edgeport to interface)
- 1 x Audio cable (radio to Interface)
- 1 x External Audio Adapter for Motorola JT1000
- 1 x BNC Adapter for Motorola JT1000

Price: $350 plus postage


I use the edgeport USB to Serial after having so many problems with standard FTDI drivers on standard adapters. The edgeport units are commercial unit and are very stable.


I use the standalone PDW RS232 interface (, as I get to pick the USB to Serial hardware (PDW USB Interface uses FTDI hardware Additionally I have tried every different type of PDW Interface and the RS232 one has the greatest success at pulling data out of difficult and weak signals.


Motorola JT1000 UHF Radio Model H01RDH9PA3AN which covers 403 Mhz - 407 Mhz. This radio has 16 Channels and is Front Panel Programmable so therefore does not need a computer and cable for programming.
I have modified the JT1000 with a discriminator output so that it can be used with programs such as PDW for use with Mobitex, Pager etc, as such the radio is no longer weather sealed.

The radio comes with a battery eliminator so that it can be run full time on 12 volts through its female 2.1mm connector. It also comes with a BNC adapter and external audio adapter so that the audio not heard when in use.
These radios are for excellent for decoding, especially when the signal is very weak.

The only thing needed other than this kit, is an antenna/antenna cable, a computer, PDW Software (download it) and edgeport drivers. The edgeport drivers can be downloaded here:
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