Best way to set up the RMR network in freescan

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Best way to set up the RMR network in freescan

Post by Alfred14 » Thu Nov 30, 2017 11:55 am


I have a ubcd396XT and i am just wondering what is the best way to set up freescan with the RMR network, i also have access to ProScan.

Currently i have a P25 standard system setup with all the sites listed under that and one group with the dispatch TGID's, this works but it means i have to monitor on a site by site basis?

If you set it up as a motorola type 2 / p25 system you can set all the site frequencies within one "site" and then have the TGID's in a group, the scanner will then find the correct site as you are travelling around, or so it seems to.

Just wondering how others have done this and what they consider to be the best method?

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Re: Best way to set up the RMR network in freescan

Post by X-Firey » Thu Nov 30, 2017 7:19 pm

Hi Alfred14,

In my 325P2 I have each CFA District set up as a P25 Standard system.

Under the system I have all the relevant RMR sites for that district and assign a quick key (by site) i.e the same QK for each site. By doing this I can turn a district (system) on or off as needed. I had my 396XT set up the same way, works well in a portable or mobile situation.

I also have the conventional fireground channels programmed and assigned with the same QK's so I am able to monitor the trunking talkgroups/dispatch and fireground channels for the relevant district/s. Talkgoups and conventional channels are set up in one 'group' for ease sake.

My base set up is similar except I have each CFA Region set up as a P25 standard system and I lockout sites that I am unable to receive or sites that have the same control channels. This set up works well for me at the moment.

I set up sites using the control channel only.

I hope this helps and you find a set up that works for you.

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Re: Best way to set up the RMR network in freescan

Post by Xplorer » Thu Nov 30, 2017 9:01 pm

My system setup for the RMR network contains all Control Channels only (91 at the moment) within the one site.

All CFA Dispatch TGID’s are in the one group.
I also have “ID Search” selected, allowing you to hear various techs conducting tests.

My system setup for CFA Fireground channels have two groups; one for Digital, one for Analogue.

This allows you to drive through the state without having to press any buttons.

The UBCD396XT/XLT is a little tiger (far better sensitivity than the 436 newer model), and the speed it scans all Control Channels (when in the one site), is very quick, and I don’t seem to miss any conversations.

That’s my two bobs worth. Also interested in hearing how others have theirs setup.

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