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Is there a site about ‘etiquette’ for UHF radio

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Is there a site about ‘etiquette’ for UHF radio

Postby Hawkeye » Thu Apr 05, 2018 12:04 pm

Hello all,

Getting into scanning but also am in the process of getting 2 x GME TX 6155 radios for a project. As I have them I thought that I might get some extra use out of them but don’t want to step on peoples toes too much.

Is there a site for Australian etiquette for UHF radio eg what channel should you start on and channels that I should avoid. Also some terminology that is routinely used also might be helpful. Anything like this exist?

Cheers Hawkeye

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Re: Is there a site about ‘etiquette’ for UHF radio

Postby Blake » Thu Apr 05, 2018 1:23 pm

Well, it's nice of you to ask, most people just seem to barge in and go for it.

It’s important to understand that all communications on every channel are public. Anyone within range of you or a repeater that you’re using can hear you and join in.

Once communication is established, it’s accepted that both parties continue on another channel to free the channel up. If they’re taking place over a short distance, these ‘one on one’ conversations can continue on any of the general-use channels.

In terms is channels:

Australian UHF CB Channel Allocation.pdf

Don't use Channels 5 or 35 unless it's a proper emergency.
The Australian Government has legislated that channels 5 & 35 on the UHF CB Band are reserved for emergency use only
As at January 2007 the maximum penalties for the misuse of the legally allocated CB emergency channels are:
For general misuse - if an individual 2 years imprisonment, otherwise $165,000 (a $220 on-the-spot fine can be issued in minor cases); or, For interference to an Emergency call - if an individual 5 years imprisonment, otherwise $550,000

The following channels are legislated as a part of the ACMA UHF CB Class Licence.

Channel 5 and 35: are the designated emergency channels, and are not to be used except in an emergency. To make an emergency call, switch your radio to Channel 5 with duplex on, if there is no response, try again with duplex off.

Channel 11: is the ‘call channel’ and is only to be used for initiating calls with another person, you should quickly organise another vacant channel to continue your discussion on.

Channel 22 and 23: are only to be used for telemetry and telecommand, packet data and voice transmission are not allowed.

Channel 61, 62 and 63: are reserved for future allocation and transmission on these channels is not allowed.

Each of the 80 UHF channels has the following accepted use:

Channels 1-8 and 41-48: Duplex channels (output).

Channels 31-38 and 71-78: Duplex channels (input).

Channels 5 and 35: Duplex channels strictly used for emergency communications.

Channels 9, 12-17, 19-21 24-28, 30, 39, 49-60, 64-70, 79 and 80: General chat channels, simplex use.

Channel 10: 4WD Clubs or Convoys and National Parks.

Channel 11: Call Channel used for locating friends – a general meeting point for when communications are lost or beginning, before moving to another channel.

Channel 18: Caravanners and Campers Convoy Channel.

Channel 40: Australia Wide road safety channel used primarily by truckies and oversized load pilot vehicles.

Channels 22 and 23 (25kHz): Telemetry & Telecommand used for automated data communications only.

Channel 29: Road safety channel Pacific Hwy, Pacific Mwy (NSW & QLD).

Channels 61-63: Reserved for future use.

More stuff here: http://uhfcb.com.au/Frequently-Asked-Questions.php

Cheers mate, and enjoy.
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Re: Is there a site about ‘etiquette’ for UHF radio

Postby Hawkeye » Tue Apr 10, 2018 10:24 am

Hi Blake,

Thank for that. Just was listening over the weekend with my partners daughter (shes 10y old) via hand held and the question of 'Did he just say the 'c' word' came up but we worked our way through that little issue.
Is Channel 1 in Sydney a repeater channel for the city as someone stated or is that a different area?

Cheers Hawkeye
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