What frequency information do you log

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What frequency information do you log

Post by tanger32au » Mon Jan 25, 2016 1:07 pm

I have used a Excel spreadsheet for a few years but now have out grown this so have moved to Access. These are the fields I am using, any suggestions on others to add which you have found useful?

ID - Primary Key
FREQU - Frequency / User Name
LLD - Last date I logged this frequency in use
TX SITE - Where the repeater is located or listed as simplex
GROUP - Type such as Fire, Ambulance, Airband, UHF CB. Business and so on
AREA - I base this on telephone area code or put SW for those that are state wide use
NOTES - General notes about each frequency
PHOTO - Some records I have attached photos to.
NewProgram_Check - Check box on those frequencies I have programmed.

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Re: What frequency information do you log

Post by melbournefan » Mon Jan 25, 2016 8:26 pm

Here is a example of a log from Ocean Grove in Victoria.

UHF Was quiet but I did get some close calls for encrypted voice at 450mhz.

Surf Life saving can be received strongly, as well as the CFA.

I did try to scan the SA GRN with no luck.

I might have got a ducting catch on 413.6250 with a guy talking about marine conditions in the Tasmania area.

I did also receive the DSE IC channel from Lorne which was busy.

UHF CB and Marine radio was dead tho.

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