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Aspley SHS

If somethings going down in your area, any details such as when, where, what and any other important information you may be aware of

Aspley SHS

Postby James14 » Tue Jul 24, 2012 11:24 am

I caught the end of a transmission, apparently a fire at Aspley SHS.

516A is Zillmere control.

at one stage 514A, 504A, 511A, 511I, 521A, 523A were all called, but some have since returned to station.

502A proceeded to 4 Station.

FIU is proceeding and BZ1 and BA3 are on scene.

Further info the fire was in a dust extractor (woodwork) and is now contained. School was evac'd as precaution and QPS on site.
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