RTC Annie Street New Farm

If somethings going down in your area, any details such as when, where, what and any other important information you may be aware of
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RTC Annie Street New Farm

Post by techo » Tue Jul 10, 2012 6:28 pm

1819 501A/501B 502A 501T 502L turned out to cars vs building Annie Street New Farm

1822 501A/B Code 2. 2 car RTC, cars into building. 2 persons trapped. Cars between 2 buildings. QAS required.
1823 1 line case 1 laid out. Going into action hydraulic rescue equipment. 502A Code 8
1826 BO11 Responding.
1827 Require QAS urgently. 501T Code 8. 2 QAS units responding.
1828 502L Code 8
1830 BO11 Code 8. 505A standby 1 station
1831 Priority message from Firecom 4 x QAS units now responding.
1838 502A code 4
1839 501A control vehicle. Incident = Annie Street Control
1840 501A - QAS stabilising patient, then will remove car pillar as part of extrication process.
1845 Primary and secondary searches complete. 1 Code 9 FA still trapped in 1 vehicle.
1849 Primary vehicle stabilised. Now conducting B Pillar rip.
1858 1 Code 9 FA/1 Code 9 MA to RBH. Gas isolated to the premises. require structural engineer as is damage to the building wall. Making scene safe.
1859 BO11 Code 4
1900 Require Energex and Gas supplier as damage to gas line and electricty earth. Gas inspector also required.
1901 Energex Code 8
1909 BCC Rapid response team responding.
1910 502L Code 4
1910 under control STOP

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